Standard Fees 

  • First session for individuals:  £45 for 60 minutes

Ongoing sessions for individuals:  £50 per 50-minute session

  • First session for couples or other family duo:  £50 for 60 minutes

Ongoing fee for couples or other family duo:  £60 per 60-minute session



For many of us, £50 per week is a huge amount of money. It can also be difficult for us to talk openly about, and to prioritise, what we really can and can’t afford. For example: can we afford to prioritise our own mental health needs? do we think our counsellor is worthy of the fee they’ve set? why are they charging so much, anyway? and do we think we’re worth the money? especially when there are so many other demands on our income.

If you think you’d really like to work with me but would genuinely struggle to pay the standard fee, let’s talk about it.  A conversation about it will help me to better understand your situation and may also help you to make your decision.


Supervision fees

Please enquire.