Does this sound like you?


You may have been trying hard to convince yourself, and others, that everything’s ok – but it doesn’t seem to be working, anymore. 

You may feel isolated or stuck with a particular situation or with a persistent emotional or mental health difficulty.

You may feel alone with your problems, whether or not you have people around you, who love you and care about your well-being.

You may just want to take time away from your usual routines and responsibilities, to reflect on the course of your life, and to regain a sense of perspective and purpose.


Talking with an experienced counsellor can really help to deepen your own understanding of your personal difficulties. It can help you to find more successful ways of managing your life and help you to feel less isolated.  It can be helpful to talk with someone who is not directly or emotionally involved but who may be relied on for short-term or longer-term emotional support, without becoming overwhelmed by your experience.

I work in Sheffield with people struggling with a wide range of emotional issues and mental health problems. Whatever your situation or difficulty, you’ll be warmly welcomed by me.

In our counselling sessions, I’ll always strive to work with you as an individual, coping with personal and unique life events – even in circumstances where you have already been given a clinical diagnosis by another mental health professional.



How I can help